Learn to identify what type of paint and coating protection is on your home, and when and how to maintain it.

October 10, 2021

Have you ever noticed how a building shows its age? A new building looks clean, the exterior isn’t faded, the wood trim is
in perfect shape, metal parts are not rusted or scratched, and it even smells new.

As the new appearance disappears, so does the protection provided by paints, stains and coatings.

To make sure your building does not fall into disrepair, you have to know what types of paint and coating protection your home has, why it must be maintained, how and how often to maintain it, and who to call. You also need a written plan to maintain the surfaces that protect your home’s appearance and condition.

Often, it is realized that a maintenance plan is needed for paints, stains and coatings when it is too late and damage has already occurred. The purpose of this bulletin is to highlight maintenance issues and provide basic information to help prevent avoidable and expensive problems.

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